Institute of Nursing


The Al-Aleem Institute of Nursing was established in 2019 is recognized by Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) and affiliated with nursing examination board Punjab for post basic nursing diploma programme and for generic nursing degree programme affiliated with UHS. Al- Aleem Institute of Nursing is envisioned to promote nursing education in Pakistan, preparing the leaders in nursing, and producing a sufficient number of highly skilled and trained nursing professionals who can meet the challenges of modern preventive and curative healthcare.
Institute of Nursing is one of distinguished best nursing educational institutions in the region in the public sector, which provides quality and socio-cultural relevant nursing training to the nursing professionals, with a goal to prepare highly skilled nurses by offering post basic specialty OT, CCU and Bachelors Programs and improving professional skills of nurses through theoretical & practical training programs and courses.


To evolve as a leading nursing college that advances global model of standardized education, innovative research and community health care.


Al-Aleem institute of nursing shall produce highly professional and dignified nurses by focusing on student centered quality education by innovation and research for benefits of patient, community, education and research.


  • To produce future professional nurses who are competent, responsible, reliable, confident and accountable.
  • To give the best possible training to students in line with the high standards required by the communities that surround us and set by the Pakistan Nursing Council.
  • To educate nurses on training on human rights so that they become aware of their rights and respect the rights of others.
  • To establish efficient and effective communication with other institutions.
  • To develop nursing research to improve nursing care and nursing education.
  • To inculcate the culture of learning in our students which is holistic, lifelong and is in line with Outcomes Based Education.