Medical Lab Technician


Following competencies will be expected from a student completing a diploma course in Medical Laboratory Technology. The student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate complete knowledge of all simple and medium level laboratory procedures.
  • Ability to preserve, process and evaluate all types of biological samples in the laboratory from the clinical
  • Demonstrate knowledge of medical terminology for understanding the laboratory reports.
  • Maintenance of work records, tissue storage, up-to-date methodology and miscellaneous
  • Maintenance of stock solutions, controls and
  • Knowledge of record
  • Understand the importance of quality assurance and its application in different disciplines of
  • Know the hazards of working in a laboratory and safe disposal of laboratory
  • Maintenance and use of
  • Perform phlebotomy procedures and sample handling in all the section of pathology including bed side
  • Perform laboratory tests in the section of hematology both manually as well as by automated means (routine hematology and coagulation profile).
  • Assist hematologist in the bone marrow procedure and application of routine and various special stains for diagnostic
  • Perform blood grouping and cross-matching, donor handling and bleeding, components preparation and apheresis along with identification and reporting of any adverse transfusion reaction promptly to the clinician, in a blood bank
  • Prepare and inoculate culture media for identification of growth and cultural characteristics of common micro-organisms with sensitivity
  • Perform immunological assays by simple and automated
  • Preserve and perform examination of stool, urine and other biological
  • Know the basis of biochemical testing included in routine and special chemistry by semi and fully automated chemistry
  • Using techniques appropriate for the tissue, produce sections (slides) for microscopic examination. This includes fixation, trimming tissues, dehydration, microtomy, and
  • Perform special stains on tissues and other biological samples when requested by the
  • Label slides with appropriate case number or other identification and match slides with lab unit paperwork for delivery to

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Minimum Qualification: Matric with Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) – 2nd Division (unadjusted) and combined total of science subjects not less than 45%.
  2. Age: Maximum 35 years on the last date of applying for admission (both for Government/ Private candidate.