Institute of Biotechnology


Biotechnology refers to the applications of engineering and biological principles for the processing of different materials of living organisms for the welfare of mankind. It is an over-exceeding field involving decoding human genome, its implications in understanding genetic diseases, family genetics, history and life itself. It has a wide range of utilization in different fields of life such as agriculture, health, industry, food and ecology. Synthetic biology, drugs designing, making vaccines and gene therapy also deal with this revolutionary science. On account of field’s applications, Gulab Devi Educational Complex (GDEC), Lahore (GDEC) established the Institute of Biotechnology in 2016.

The Institute offers 4 years BS degree program in Biotechnology, affiliated with Government College University Faisalabad, Faisalabad. This is an employment-oriented and learner-based program which enhances a collaborative, reflective and up-to-date approach in the field of Biotechnology. The Institute intends to ensure quality education and research in different fields of Biotechnology by capable and proficient faculty members.


Novel advancements in the field of Biotechnology has urged the scientific community to feel the necessity to decipher and construe the knowledge and information present within the living organisms and to use, exploit, modify or improve existing biological processes to enhance the quality of human life, directly or indirectly. This vision has encouraged GDEC, Lahore to develop the Institute of Biotechnology to accomplish and explore different aspects of life science by having approach to latest technologies. The Institute intends to enhance the scope of Biotechnology in the country and is willing to give a new dimension to students’ career.


The Institute of Biotechnology has the mission to equip the students with latest learning and research trends and to provide the best learning environment. The Institute aims to ensure the availability of quality education with best supervision. A collaborative learning environment would help the students to gain forefront of management and leadership by conducting innovative research. The Institute motivates the undergraduates to do basic research, produce advanced solutions and solve practical problems. Our mission is to provide a strong foundation for leading research and to gain excellence in all integrated fields of Biotechnology.


The field of Biotechnology is the next wave of change that is likely to be as sweeping and invasive especially in agriculture for developing insect-resistant and high yield crops, vaccine production, textile, leather and chemical industries, bioinformatics, health biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, animal biotechnology and microbial biotechnology. The BS program offered by the Institute has following objectives;

  • to develop the skilled manpower, scientists and researchers that may serve at National and International Universities, Research organizations and in the Molecular diagnostics labs.
  • to impart knowledge in multidisciplinary subjects; Molecular biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Immunology.
  • to educate different methods of exploration, investigation, organization of data and its utilization in practical life.

Future Opportunities:

Biotechnology is an emerging field which provides several professional opportunities for trained and experienced people. By conquering the BS degree in Biotechnology, the graduates shall be able to get jobs in a wide range of professions at government and private sectors.

  • National and International teaching and research organizations like NIBGE, NIAB, PCSIR laboratories, Institutes of Public Health.
  • Agriculture research centers like PARC, NARC
  • Molecular Biology research organizations
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Forensic science organizations
  • Environment related agencies, Pest control & plant protection Institutes
  • Wildlife conservation & Management organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry