Health Policy for Covid-19

Health Policy of Gulab Devi Educational Complex for Covid-19

The epidemic of Covid-19 has made it an absolute necessity to under take precautions. A strict set of SOP’s are to be followed at the institute.

In this regard, the Infection Control Committee of Gulab Devi Teaching Hospital has instituted a policy for ensuring application of comprehensive precautionary measures.

When the student arrives:

  • The point of entry into the institute is limited to the main gate of the institute.
  • As the student approaches the main building, social distancing is ensured.
  • In order to ensure effective social distancing, each class has been divided in to groups, each group consists of not more than 33% students of the total strength. Each group will come to college on alternate days so that strength of students may be effectively managed keeping COVID SOPs in mind.
  • The placement of visual alerts is ensured, such as signs and posters at entrances and in strategic places providing instruction on hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, and cough etiquette. Instructions include how to use elbow while coughing and sneezing and how to dispose of tissues and contaminated items in waste receptacles, and how and when to perform hand hygiene.
  • It is ensured that facemasks are available at the research center and at the pharmacy inside the campus.
  • It is ensured that supplies are available such as tissues, hand soap, waste receptacles, and alcohol-based hand sanitizer in readily accessible areas.
  • Demarcations on the floor have been established throughout the campus (red circular marks and cross marks are painted at the distance of approximately 6 feet). In order to maintain effective social distancing, it is advised that students and faculty make use of them to ensure COVID protocol.
  • Temperature guns are established at the entrance of every building. Temperature of students, faculty and other employers will be checked once a day every day. Any other personnel visiting the academic building will have their temperature checked.
  • All personnel who are on campus will wear masks at ALL TIMES without any exception to anyone, may they be students, faculty or paramedics etc.
  • “Hand Wash” areas are established at various available locations throughout the campus, encouraging everyone to wash their hands frequently. Also, apart from those available in washrooms, “hand wash” areas are also available for students and faculty in Practical Labs.
  • Hand Sanitizers are available at the entrance of almost every room in every academic building.
  • All students and faculty members are encouraged to carry hand sanitizers and extra face masks with them at all times.
  • Students and faculty members are strictly discouraged to sit/stand in groups closely huddled together.
  • A proper SOP is established around the canteen area, set by the personnel responsible of that area. It is advised that those SOPs be followed, as well as the SOPs mentioned above.
  • If a student is found having symptoms it is advised that the Corona Vigilance Committee Member of the respective department refers the student to the student cell. The student cell will follow the further protocols.
  • If a student feels symptoms at home, he/she is advised to send the COVID test report along with the application and medical prescription. In case of negative report, he/she will be advised to resume classes immediately. Whereas, if the report is positive the student will be given 15 days for quarantine. In order to resume classes at the institute COVID negative report will be mandatory.
  • In case of an employee having symptoms, he/she will be referred to the COVID designated labs. He/She will be advised to provide a COVID test. In case of negative report, he/she will be advised to join work immediately. Whereas, if the report is positive the employee will be given 15 days for quarantine. In order to resume work at the institute, COVID negative report will be mandatory.
  • Students are advised to avoid follow strict social distance protocols if and when they visit any faculty member’s office for any reason. It is advised to the students to respect the wishes of each faculty member as far as COVID SOPs are concerned.