Institute of Psychology


Gulab Devi Educational Complex, Lahore with its tradition of serving the society with the best of services established the Institute of Psychology in 2018, affiliated with University of Sargodha, Sargodha. The Institute is offering BS (4 years) Psychology program which is remarkably diverse and far-reaching in the field. The program is designed to provide an overview on many areas of the field, with an emphasis on the scientific nature of psychology focusing on the clinical skills due to the availability of an active psychiatry Department working under the Gulab Devi Teaching Hospital, Lahore. The Institute provides the students hands-on experience and expertise in clinical psychology which is vital for the students to excel in the field. The major focus of this degree is to identify, describe the nature and behavior of individuals teaching the social and biological basis of such behavior. The ample curriculum provides detailed understanding about academic, clinical and applied approaches.


The vision of our esteemed Institute is to provide an outstanding educational platform so that all students meet and exceed in their personal, professional and career goals. Also to develop a human resource of students with practical knowledge of their relevant subjects, enabling them to become good human beings.


The mission of the Institute of Psychology is to work towards grooming and development of students in the best possible way, by equipping them with the skills required to face the professional and personal challenges of the World in the best possible way.


The BS Psychology program provides a rigorous understanding of human behavior and mental processes through foundation and advanced courses on sensation, perception, movement, language, reasoning, decision making and social interaction of humans.

  • The undergraduate program emphasizes preparation for research and teaching in psychology, with specialization in cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, learning and memory, psychology of inequality, social neuroscience, social psychology, and systems neuroscience. 
  • The objective of the degree program is to equip students to describe the range of career possibilities with training in psychology; efficiently use of library resources and technology to gather information and solve problems in psychology and apply ethical principles of psychologists both personally and through socially responsible behaviors.

Future Opportunities:

The graduates shall be able to serve as;

  • Teachers and Researchers
  • Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Career Counsellor
  • Case Manager (treatment and recovery planner)
  • Child Care Workers
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Drama Therapist
  • Mental health careers (Medical Record Keeper, Counsellor Assistant) and also may contribute in social service.