Admission Rules & Regulation

All Students must abide by the College Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidelines as may be promulgated by the College Administration from time to time. Breach of these Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidelines shall render them liable to disciplinary, administrative and legal action including but not limited to imposition of fine, suspension or expulsion (both provisional and permanent) from the College.

Admission Rules:

  • Each column of application form must be completely filled. Incomplete Form will not be entertained.
  • All the certificates/ documents must be attested by a grade 17 government officer. The institute may sent all the certificates to corresponding departments in due time for verification. In case of objection or rejection the admission will be cancelled and the candidate will be responsible for the consequence.
  • Entry Test and interview will be taken by the institution. (what about Al Aleem)?
  • Merit list will be displayed on the notice board/website and interview will be conducted after which final admission list will be displayed on the notice board and website (www.
  • All the seats are on open merit basis and admissions will be awarded according to the merit list.
  • After Signature of the Principal the decision of the interview committee would be regarded as irrevocable and unchallengeable. Candidate must appear with original documents before the interview committee at the time of admission.
  • Students are directed to obtain dues Challan Form from accounts section and get it deposited in the Bank before the specified last date.

Hostel Rules & Regulation

  • The student shall be allotted a hostel seat (as per availability) by the appropriate authority and the student shall become a resident from the date he/she occupies the seat.
  • In case of damage to or loss of hostel property the cost will be recovered from the students responsible if identified, or from all the students of the hostel, as decided by the hostel Management.
  • Any mental of physical torture to any students by any other students will not be tolerated.
  • Use of alcohol, drugs etc will not be permitted in the entire campus. Any student violating these norms will not only be removed from the hostel but will also be expelled from the campus immediately.
  • All fans, lights and electrical  appliances must   be   switched   off when  the resident  is not in  the room/respective area. Use of electric appliances like electric heater / Air conditioners are not allowed in any room a fine of 500 will be charged in case of violation.
  • The Hostel Management reserves the right to make spot checks on the hostel units and the bedrooms without prior notice to the students.
  • The Hostel Management reserves the right to move residents to other hostel rooms if there is a necessity.
  • Student must inform prior Hostel Warden about visitors. No visitors will be permitted to stay overnight in the hostel premises.
  • Students should not arrange for any picnic outside without specific permission

General Rules & Regulation

Admission of those students will be cancelled who do not join classes within 10 days of their admission and dues paid in this regard will not be refunded.

  • Admission will be confirmed only after the registration of relevant University. The institute is not responsible for any litigation in respect of registration by Concerned University.
  • 75 % Clinical and 75 % Theoretical attendance is mandatory for appearing in internal and University Examination in each subject.
  • The students have to clear all the requisite tests according to the stipulated parameters for becoming eligible to sit in the University Annual Professional Examination.
  • A fine of Rs: 50/day will be charged in case of absence without approved application stating a genuine reason.
  • 100 Rs per day fine will be charged after due date of fee submission.
  • All the leaves will have to be sanctioned and signed by Director Education of relevant department or Admin Officer GDEC prior to the leave.
  • Late-comers in the class may be marked absent.
  • The Principal has the vested power to struck off the name of any student who is found guilty of breaking rules & Regulations of the college.
  • Students are not allowed to keep / move in the premises of the institution/hospital with any sort of weapon; any student found guilty shall be punishable under the prevailing law of the country.
  • Students are not allowed to political or immoral activity, display, paste, exhibit or distribute any sort of posters, leaflets, badges handbills etc, within the Institution premises, without prior permission from Institution authorities and Hospital administration.
  • No student is allowed to smoke, play cards or gamble in the Institution /hospital premises.
  • No student is allowed to leave the college during his / her class without permission.
  • University related charges will be collected after admission according to the University Rules.
  • The institution has authority to increase the Fee from time to time if and when it deems fit to do so.

General Rules & Regulation

The Dean & Deputy Dean have the authority to waive off whole or a part of late fee/ Fine etc.

  • Those students who are detained in Final Year Exam will have the option to continue classes in institute or to study at home. In case of not joining the classes the institute will not charge any tuition fee however the student will pay examination fee or other university charges. The institute will forward exam form of the student.
  • Any other rule through Executive/ Office Order from time to time will be applicable to the students.
  • Those students who are failed in Annual/ Supply examination and are detained in the same educational year 30% concession in tuition fee according to current fee schedule.
  • Students must keep the College identity Card during their stay in the College premises and during College functions & wear the white overall while attending the College.
  • The College authorities reserve the right to revise any class schedule or to re-arrange the classes.
  • The College will not be responsible for loss of any mail/valuables sent to a student at the College address.
  • The College is not responsible for any loss/damage regarding the students’ belongings.
  • Any false information on the Application Form may render the student liable to expulsion from the College.
  • The College reserves the right to make, amend and introduce any rule as and when deemed appropriate.
  • If a student defaults in submission of College dues for a period of one month the institute will take action according to rules and regulations.
  • NOCs and College leaving certificates can only be issued if the student pays his/her all dues till the submission date of his/her application for the issuance of these.

Any student aggrieved by any happening in the College shall lodge a complaint with the Principal and not with any outside authority unless the Principal permits him/her to do so. Any student misbehaving in the classroom/College shall at once be reported to the Principal by the teacher. The Principal will take such action as he/she may deem proper.