Departmental Facilities Biochemistry

Departmental Facilities:

The Institute of Biochemistry has an exemplary academic and research facilities for its students. Under academic facilities, the Institute has air-conditioned lecture and demonstration rooms/halls, library with up to date textbooks and leading International scientific journals. The Computer laboratory at the Institute has an access to web resources and latest research papers for the students and faculty members.

At present, Institute of Biochemistry, under the umbrella of GDEC, Lahore is linked with Gulab Devi Teaching Hospital, Biochemistry Department of Al-Aleem Medical College, and state of the art Al-Aleem Center for Advance Studies & Research. The Institute of Biochemistry operates at the interface between medicine, biology and chemistry and seeks to integrate techniques from biological and chemical sciences to provide insight into the molecular basis of biological processes. Moreover, to support our world-leading biochemical research and education programs, Institute has an in-house state-of-the-art laboratory which is equipped with modern and advance instruments for research in various fields like cancer, infectious diseases, therapeutics, genetic and protein engineering etc.