Departmental Facilities Zoology

Departmental Facilities:

The Institute of Zoology, GDEC has highly educated and dedicated staff aiming to motivate and encourage the students at every level for study and research work. The Institute has well-equipped air conditioned lecture rooms/halls with multimedia and Zoology laboratory where practical exposure to strengthen the theoretical knowledge is provided.

  • A well-established Zoology Museum having all the invertebrate and vertebrate specimens. A conducive environment is provided to the students for research related to animal physiology, genetics, developmental biology, microbiology, biotechnology, parasitology, ecology, evolution, taxonomy, systematics, paleontology, entomology, fisheries and wildlife.
  • The students and researchers have open access to the Wolters Kluwer Ovid digital library so that they can read and consult full text journal articles, e-books and database resources related to medical research and then correlate and conduct research on various health issues by employing animal models. The researchers are directed to conduct experiments on various aspects of insects, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammal’s taxonomy, behavior, physiology, toxicology, growth, enzyme assays, feed formulation and processing techniques, genetic and chromosomal anomalies detection and environmental impact assessments in collaboration with the other Institute’s laboratories of GDEC and national research centers.
  • Apart from class studies, the Institute encourages and facilitates the students for Zoo visits and research surveys.
  • Seminars and workshops related to the global scientific issues are conducted to aware students of the current scientific scenario.
  • Carrier counselling of students is done to cope up with the educational challenges and to hunt better opportunities Worldwide.