Departmental Facilities chemistry

Departmental Facilities:

The Institute of Chemistry has highly qualified faculty that shares their valuable exposure and skills with the students to improve their knowledge by fulfilling curricular requirements and professional development practices. The Institute has ideal multimedia-enabled air-conditioned lecture rooms/halls and suitable seminar/conference rooms. Computer lab aims to provide basic functional computer services for the students and facilitates them to have access to the educational materials outside of the campus grounds.

Apart from teaching, research is a very significant part of the academic activities of this Institute. GDEC has a state-of-the-art lab having top-of-the-line equipment’s, analytical grade chemicals and glassware/apparatus to fulfil the dreams in the field of research and technology. The Institute has research facilities in the field of Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physical/electrochemistry, Environmental chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Green Chemistry, Chemistry of natural products and Biochemistry.

The Institute’s faculty members empower students for National/International conferences that finally helps them to choose their right career path. Moreover, GDEC organizes co-curricular/extra-curricular activities that are an essential part of the life of an educational institution to strengthen learning of students as well as other activities like sports (indoor/outdoor games), dramatic and social services etc.