Gulab Devi Hospital has a long history, of service to the health sector for chest diseases, ultimately enlarging to the momentous size of 1500 beds of chest and heart ailments. It was therefore considered essential that this collection of patients of very diverse ailments may be made use of to instruct and train doctors and allied health personnel in various aspects of diagnosis and management of these diseases. The availability of such a rich variety of chest and cardiac patients would perhaps not be available in any other hospital in this country. However to take full advantage of this collection, and to deduce principles for optimal methods to manage these disease, a lot of trained medical manpower is needed. To achieve this end, the establishment of a Postgraduate Medical Institute took place in 2005 in Gulab Devi Hospital. It is presently training doctors in the specialty of cardiology and pulmonology with respect to medical and surgical aspects besides producing allied health professionals in related fields in a much larger number. I do not see those days very far off when in pulmonology and cardiology these doctors and allied health staff would become pioneers in detecting and devising optimal methods of management in these specialties especially geared for the indigenous presentations of these diseases in our country.


Syed Shahid Ali Shah